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In the future we want to grow our business with our Shareholders in all over Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa states.


Arjun indo Agro Oil is a Good Processing Company in which we are mostly use to Refine all types of edible oils and also we sell them in small packaging. We are selling our quality products in reasonable price. So that most of the market share in the refined cottonseed oil is in our pocket. Now a days our working area is limited, in future we are going to expand our areas. We are also manufacturing tins for Edible Oil and Cashew Industries.

What we are Doing

Nowadays we are processing and trading all type of edible oil. We buy cotton from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra-Pradesh and grab cottonseeds from that, then we sell remaining cotton to Cotton Mills. We make raw oil and `dhep` using Cottonseed, and also we sell it. We make raw oil using groundnut, and also we sell it under our brand name. We are trying to build `Solvent Plant` for processing cottonseed and soybean. We buy edible oil and oilseed in low price. By doing process on oil with help of other companies. We sell oil with our brand label in reasonable price. We providing employment to local workers.

What we done

Mr. Santosh Vasant Shinde is founder of Arjun Indo Agro Oils Ltd he is also founder and owner of Arjun Refineries. Nowadays Arjun Refineries turnover is above 110 Crore. With help of new ideas he build edible oil, `cotton dhep`, grocery business, Tin Manufacturing Plant and in our area biggest edible oil Refineries. In all these areas, we are popular under Arjun Brand.

What we want To Do

With the help of common people's investments we want to setup big industry. We have an approach that will be give benefits to familys in our area. Mr. Santosh Vasant Shinde is Projects Executive director and he decided to include all people in his area in to the project. All directirs are committed to work with zero benefits. In two to three years we want to increase his Turnover in big amount.

Why Public Ltd.?

Already our Arjun brand is popular everywhere and our company listed in fast growing company list. Due to help of GST our workspace in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka is increased. Thus our market share is increasing day by day. And we want to pass this benifits to the sarrounding peoples. As that Ambitious project we need your blessing and help. With the efforts of Arjun Indo Agro and the directors, we want to start the industrial revolution in our region. You can participate in this project by contributing to this project as share holder.

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Arjun Refineries, Hasurchampu, Tal: Gadhinglaj, Dist: Kolhapur, State: Maharashtra, India, 416502.

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